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All Moreland Preschool Classes for the 2017-2018 school year are currently full.


2017-2018 Morning Preschool Class Wait List (3 year-old)


2017-2018 Afternoon Preschool Class Wait List (3 year-old)


2017-2018 Junior Kindergarten Class Wait List (4 year-old)




Registration for the 2018-2019 school year begins on February 1, 2018.


For additional information, please contact Carrie DeCastro by email at

Our Mission


The Moreland Child Development Center gives children a head start on their path as creative life-long learners in a caring and safe learning environment. Recognizing that each child develops at his or her own pace, we provide individualized activities to challenge and stimulate learning in the areas of physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. By offering multiple opportunities for meaningful learning experiences, we encourage the child's natural sense of wonder and curiosity. 

Physical development includes motor development, personal hygiene, nutrition, safety, sports readiness, music and movement.

Social and emotional development includes building self-esteem, social interaction, self-control, conflict resolution, self-help skills, and an appreciation of diversity and tolerance.

Intellectual development includes early literacy awareness, music, experiences with numbers, speech and language development, creative arts and crafts, and kindergarten readiness.


Are you looking for an enriching preschool program for your three-, four-, or five-year-old child?  If so, look no further!  The Moreland Preschool, located on the Payne School campus, offers a child-centered early education program.  Committed to fostering a love of learning, the Moreland Preschool has been recognized as an “Outstanding Contributor to Child Care by the City of San Jose.”

The preschool program operates within the same school calendar as all of the Moreland schools. For additional information about the Moreland Preschool, please contact Carrie DeCastro by email at or by phone at 408-874-3745.



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